Geognostics OZSEEBASE 2021 (Data)


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02 Jul 2021

This dataset was first added to Geonostics Data Service on 02 Jul 2021.

OZ SEEBASE® 2021 is a regional, depth-to-basement model developed and licensed by Geognostics with the input and support of government and industry.

OZ SEEBASE® 2021 includes the Northern Territory SEEBASE® and GIS released by NTGS in January 2021. Papua New Guinea is also included, for the first time, based on Frogtech Geoscience’s 2018 Papua New Guinea SEEBASE Study.

Geognostics has also completed an integration of original interpretation datasets that, with improved gridding technology, now supports a higher grid resolution than previously available.

OZ SEEBASE 2021 is based originally on Frogtech Geoscience’s OZ SEEBASE® (2005) and OZ Proterozoic SEEBASE® (2006) Studies. In this update, basement is defined as the top of igneous or metamorphic crust at the base of undeformed sediments, regardless of age. Note that in deeper parts of some basins, such as the greater McArthur Basin, the deepest section may be metasedimentary.

Updates to OZ SEEBASE® 2021 include:

  • Addition of the Northern Territory SEEBASE® and GIS released by NTGS in January 2021
  • Addition of Papua New Guinea based on Frogtech’s 2018 PNG SEEBASE Study
  • Exclusion of the metamorphosed sediments of the Hamersley Basin and the Adelaide Fold Belt
  • Evaluation and integration of original interpretations spanning 15 years of SEEBASE construction across Australia
  • Improved gridding technology supporting higher grid resolution than previously available.

Geognostics welcomes the opportunity to upgrade areas for Clients and Government Agencies. Please contact us for further information to scope and plan an exclusive study.

Layer ID 105659
Data type Grid
Resolution About 469.000m
Services Raster Query API